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For all registered Participants of the first NGL Day in Warsaw!


As the entries are closed – we can officially welcome you to the first National Geographic Learning Day in Poland!

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Nowadays, the role of educators has become even more vital. They are the architects of resilience, the builders of curiosity, and the ambassadors of language and culture. With „Empower Your Teacher Brand with NGL” conference, we aim to inspire and enable language educators to reach new heights in their teaching journey.


Empower Your Teacher Brand with NGL

December 2nd

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Old Library, Warsaw University

Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28


During our conference, you are invited to take part in:

  • 4 plenary sessions led by our special guests – Chia Suan Chong and Alex Warren

  • dynamic 10-minute corridor meetings:

    • 2 mini-methodological workshops with Ola Marchwian

    • 3 corridor sessions with: Marta NowakOla Marchwian, and Przemek Ogrodowczyk

HERE: Check out the detailed meeting agenda



MEET our special guests 


Chia Suan Chong


Helping our students become more effective international communicators

With English being used as the global language of trade, education and science, English users of different backgrounds are having to find ways of successfully communicating with each other across the borders. The inclusion of mediation in the new CEFR goes to further demonstrate that the ability to accommodate, adapt and accurately interpret our conversation partners is essential when communicating internationally. In this interactive workshop, Chia will be using critical thinking activities, storytelling, roleplays and a touch of drama to explore some ways we can help learners develop an awareness of different communication styles and cultural expectations, spot a communication breakdown when it happens, and become better international communicators.

Teaching Interpersonal skills in the language classroom

When discussing relationship building or disagreements, many language teachers and coursebooks tend to stop short at offering useful functional language that might be used in such settings. What they do not address however is the communication skills needed to navigate these situations. How do we break the ice when meeting someone? How do we build trust? What is our communication style? What does it mean to be a good listener? How do we deal with conflict? These communication skills are part of the employability/life skills essential to the global workplace. If we were to train our learners to communicate in English, we need to also be training them to become effective communicators. This session explores practical ways in which we can help work on their communication skills.


Alex Warren


No Word Is An Island: The Importance of Word Partnerships

No man is an island, and neither are words. Just like us, they form partnerships and relationships with other words, working together to form something all the more substantial and useful. Using examples from National Geographic Learning titles, this practical session will explore and demonstrate how focusing on word-partnerships can help speed up vocabulary learning and develop greater language awareness.

Listen Up – Developing effective listening skills

Language learner’s ability to listen effectively is often taken for granted and as such a focus on developing specific listening skills and strategies is often overlooked. Given that a significant chunk of communication is taken up by listening this could be considered somewhat of a miscarriage of justice. With examples from the latest edition of National Geographic Learning’s Outcomes series, in this session we’ll explore how we can help our learners develop effective listening strategies, prepare them for life outside of the classroom and ensure successful listening outcomes.


EXPLORE corridor session details


Przemek Ogrodowczyk – Find a new Spark in teaching! How NGL tools make teaching more engaging and accessible

Can NGL tools transform a school beyond recognition? Stories from our Proud Users indicate that they can! With a powerful tool like our Spark platform, teaching becomes simpler, more intuitive, and friendly. It’s time to experience it for yourself!

Marta Nowak – Transitioning to EAP: A Quick Guide for Teachers

„English for Academic Purposes? I’ve never taught that… What is it all about?” If you have similar doubts and don’t know how to start your journey with EAP, this session is for you! We will briefly discuss the key benefits of EAP and ways to implement it into your classes.

Ola Marchwian – Teaching open to the world, adults open to language

How to teach a seasoned learner about the world? How to encourage linguistic exploration, development, and breaking away from the norm? Practical tools and ideas from our methodology expert will add vibrancy to your classes and encourage students to… speak continuously!


EXPLORE mini-workshops – Ola Marchwian

It all starts with just one picture! — language warm-up

NGL textbooks wouldn’t exist without beautiful, thought-provoking pictures! During the language warm-up, Ola Marchwian will show you how to activate students, encourage discussions about pictures, and effectively warm up the body and language. Join us and try Ola’s ideas on yourself!

Here and now for adults – a language moment to breathe

In a busy world, we often seek ways to catch a moment to breathe. Most of our students also need a moment to gather their thoughts and cleanse themselves of emotions to function better and… learn! During this short workshop, Ola will suggest three short ideas for language mindfulness that you can easily use in class.


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Uncover the Potential of Your Teaching Brand with National Geographic Learning! – see you in Warsaw!




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